27.05. Konkord Release Party – The Pet Goats @ Fluc

27.05. Konkord Release Party – The Pet Goats Cattoons EP
Fluc/Pratersten, Start: 21.00h
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Live: The Pet Goats
Support: The Good Library
Konkord DJs: Travelling Matt, Hermetic Scientist, Phonül

NEW RELEASE: The Pet Goats – Cartoons [KONKORD 063]


Some bands taste like perfumed bubble bath and hour-long sessions in front of the shaving mirror. Not the Pet Goats, never ever! Noise and Trash are the only flavour enhancers this group from the rotten Big Apple uses. Raw guitars beat the crap out of a fistful of chords, weaving them to form an hypnotic wall of sound. The rhythm pounds as if the drummer worked out the beat on various kitchen appliances of The Velvet Underground´s Mo Tucker. You don´t have to be punk to play great Punk Rock. Less is always more, if you got something to say. The Pet Goats are no cuddly toys; but maybe a new favourite band, if you´re into the great NYC Noiserock heritage.


Aktuelle Veröffentlichung auf KONKORD: The Pet Goats – Cartoons (KONKORD 063)