12.09. Bo Candy & His Broken Hearts live in London

12.09.2013 Buffalo Bar
259 Upper St, N1 1RU London
Guided Missile presents………

Fever Dream
Bo Candy and his Broken Hearts
DJ Andy Lewis

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Bo Candy & His Broken Hearts @ Konkor Vinyl Shop
Forthcoming Bo Candy Album “Flowers Must Fade”: will be released Spring 2013 on Konkord.



Rotifer is the three-piece vehicle for the songs of one Robert Rotifer, Vienna born songwriter, broadcaster and journalist whose day job is calmly interviewing rock and pop royalty, while also doing quite a bit of painting and drawing on the side. In 2010 his semi-animated video for the song “The Frankfurt Kitchen” was exhibited and acquired by MoMA New York, while his most recent effort “I Just Couldn’t Eat As Much (As I’d Like To Throw Up)” was pronounced to be “just as astounding” by LouderThanWar.

In October Rotifer, now with Mike Stone from Television Personalities as fully-signed up bass-player, will bring out “The Cavalry Never Showed Up”, their second full-on UK album release on the newly formed Gare du Nord label (the last was on Edwyn Collins’ AED Records in 2011).
Expect elegantly crafted and intelligent, edgy pop for discerning listeners who appreciate the twang of a Telecaster and a sharp lyric.


East London trio Fever Dream play dark, fuzzy, menacing music that blurs the line from noisy new wave to angular post-punk. With an E.P. out on Underused Records and a single in the works for Odd Box, their hypnotic sound takes inspiration from Deerhunter, My Bloody Valentine and Sonic Youth whose footsteps they’ll no doubt follow with their brooding, stylish tones.
“Imagine Interpol had they been reared on a diet of Creation Records earliest works and the entire back catalogue of Sarah Records and you’re somewhere close.” Drowned In Sound


Having toured with them in Austria and Germany, Rotifer have invited this brilliant five-piece from the Eastern-most edge of Austria, who trade in a rootsy, danceable sort of rock’n’roll that manages to combine knowledge of the blues with a smart post-punk awareness.


Acid Jazz legend, immaculately turned-out pop historian, voracious vinyl fiend, solo artist, producer and DJ since the 9ts Blowup days, otherwise employed as bass player in Paul Weller’s band.